Department of Persian Language and Literature


Department of Persian Language & Literature

As one of the three oldest Departments of the University, Department of Persian Language and Literature was founded in 1946, concurrent with the foundation of University of Tabriz. This Department offers courses in B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. programs. Students admitted to B.A. degree, study literature in its broadest sense and get acquainted with more general aspects and features of classical and modem literature. At later stages, however, they are offered different kinds of poetry and prose. They also acquire a general knowledge about such great and well-known poets as Ferdowsi, Hafiz, Molavi, Nezami, Khaghani, Anvari and others. Moreover, there are some other course subjects for undergraduate students dealing with classical prose works such as History of Beihaghi, Kalileh & Demneh, and Gholestan.

Students admitted to Master\'s or Doctorate\'s studies are, however, encouraged to explore new concepts and deliberate more profoundly upon the yet undiscovered realms of meanings and implications through classic literary works created in Persian prose and poetry by celebrated poets and writers. Meantime, they are offered a variety of literary texts e.g. metaphysical, mystical, lyrical and epical prose as well as world\'s literary schools. Students at graduate level should fulfil their M.A. or Ph.D. program requirements by submitting a dissertation in any literary field.

Persian literature, particularly poetry is highly fascinating for most of Iranian students studying courses other than literature, so a room has been made for those dedicated to literature to audit courses.

Department Members:

1. Mir Jalil Akrami
2. Mohammad Mahdipour

3. Assadollah Vahed

4. Bagher Sadrinia

5. Ebrahi Eghbali

6. Ebrahim Ranjbar

7. Sakineh Rasmi

Ahmad Farshbafian
9. Mohammad Ali Moousazadeh

10. Mohammad Bager Bahadori 

Mohammad Khakpour
Mohammad Reza Abedi 
13.  Mohammad Reza Assadi
14. Monire Poyaye Irani


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