Department of English Language and Literature


Department of English Language and Literature

English department is one of the oldest departments of the Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, which was established in 1946. This department has eleven academic members who have been specialized in two different fields of English studies ; Teaching English as a Second language and English Literature. The Department is equipped with two language labs, that play an important role in enriching their speaking and listening skills.

English department offers B.A. and M.A. degree both in English literature and ELT( English Language Teaching). The department also offers PhD degree in ELT. Bachelor students are required to pass 154 courses to finish the B.A. program. The objectives of the department includes: training English teachers who can teach English in high schools and language schools, making the students familiar with the culture and literature of English speaking countries by focusing on British and American literature, introducing the world literature, introducing the translation theories and training them to start practical translation through several courses such as translation of Islamic and Literary prose and poetry and by reading the English and American literary works, they are eligible to continue their studies in the field of creative writing. 

Department Members:
Farahman Farrokhi
Ali Akbar Ansarin.
Hossein Sabouri 
4. Massoud Yaghoubi-Notash  
5. Mohammad Zohrabi 

6. Yser Hadidi



























































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