Department of Culture & Ancient Iranian Languages


Department of Culture & Ancient Iranian Languages

Department of Culture and Ancient Iranian Languages as one of the Departments of the Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, has been offering M.A. course since 1990.

So far, 10 volumes of textbooks have been published by academic members of the department, which are presently taught in most of the universities offering courses in literature and social sciences throughout the country.

The graduates of this field of study will be able to read and translate the documents and sources of Ancient Iranian languages. They would learn about culture, history and religions of ancient Iran. They would also acquire necessary knowledge on etymology and semantics.

Therefore, the graduates could seek their career in organizations and research centres dealing with Iranian languages, history and civilization such as Organization of Cultural Heritage, Organization of Radio and Television, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Organization for Tourism, Foundation for Studying Iran, academies and educational centres.

Some celebrated professors at this department, besides their regular teaching schedule, give lectures in other relevant departments as well

Department Members:
1. Changiz Mowlaee 

2. Mohsen Mirzaei

3. Mohammad Hassan Jalalian

Last Update At : 10 May 2016